Portacom was founded by Neil Hancock in 1983 to provide solutions to the growing needs of portable computing and communications users. Portacom has now grown to become the largest supplier of portable computing technology in Western Australia with a service/support centre that sets the standard for excellence.

Displaying the leading manufacturer’s full range of portable computers, from Palmtop to Notebook, Portacom truly provides unbiased comparisons of mobile technology. Portacom’s ability to customise solutions for our customers and our technical knowledge provides the very best for the mobile professional. Portacom has the ability to provide network solutions as well as interface to mobile phone technology.

Portacom is internationally Quality Assured and provides an extensive support centre that can be made available 24 hours a day. Portacom leads through innovation and knowledge.

Portacom’s R&D department has been responsible for several innovative products including Lego interface boards, Pocket Computer memory cards and, in 1991, the notebook Touch-Mouse, the idea that changed the notebook industry as almost all notebooks in the world now use a touch sensitive mouse device. Portacom has truly influenced the portable computing world.